Castle Lite | Ziyabanda


Client: Castle Lite and Ogilvy

Request: So in this campaign, both Ogilvy and Castle Lite approached us to assist them in the development of a unique brand campaign that focused on developing a song with ice to carry the message of -2.5 degrees.

That started a range of discussions and recordings in the studio of ice breaking and smashing ice in many different ways while recording the sound. This then was turned into a successful online campaign that focused on promoting the Ziyabanda song grossing a whopping R40 million in free publicity.

After the song had a successful online launch with it being viewed more than R6 million times, the question was what next? Well, the only option we had was to take a song that was made out of ice and to play it on ice and that’s when the ice record came along.

Take a look at the clips below to get a detailed look at how we at Ice Art can add value to any campaign.



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