Castle Lite | Chance the Rapper

Ice Campaigns


Client: Castle Lite

Request: To use ice as part of an activation to reveal the international artist scheduled for their annual Castle Lite Unlocks event.

This was a unique proposal where we had to focus on turning our crystal clear ice into a not so clear setup. The focus was to build a wall that would wrap around the 3 key points of the reveal namely, the venue and date, the local supporting artists and then big reveal of the headline artist.

So even with that being a challenge on its own in terms of build and assurance of hiding the display behind the ice, we needed to develop a strategy of reveal by which participants would have the opportunity to chip away at the ice piece by piece to reveal each section.

Challenge accepted and as you can see by these images we developed the perfect solution that one promoted the unlocking process of the campaign and kept to the brands brief.

For a full video view of this event please watch below. This live feed was shared over 200 times and viewed 13 000 times.

To view the whole event please click here!

Castle Lite | Coldest Bar in Africa

Ice Campaigns



Client: Castle Lite and BW Productions

Request: Well as you know we are the ice guys, we know how to add the chill factor to any event or experience. So, when the client approached us to build not one but three ice bars around the country as the headline experience to their national event, we knew something magic was about to happen.

Based on the brief we went about designing and setting up the logistical challenge that lied ahead, we had to build and breakdown 3 bars with an identical layout to each other across Johannesburg, Durban and then end the campaign in Cape Town.

Once design was completed, we started the business of cutting and shaping 15 tons of ice into the needs for the build, art work was supplied with key aspects such as a lounge, DJ booth, 4m ice bar and iconographic elements per region.

The outcome was the coldest bar experience in Africa and rocked all 3 cities in the middle of summer.

Challenge Excepted! Challenge Delivered!