Rooi Rose Winter shoot in ICE ART freezer

Rooi Rose – Icy Magazine Shoot – In our freezer…

For the May Edition of Rooi Rose, the publication visited the Ice Art factory for a subzero shoot in our large 9m by 5m freezer…

The theme was black, and the textures of the black garments, the lighting on the ice and ice sculptures with the striking female model resulted in some fantastic polar shots. The model and Rooi Rose crew were extremely brave, putting up with -15 degrees C temperatures in order to capture the perfect shot

– Read more to find extra information on this Chilly experience and to see more images on our Press Office link.

Rooi Rose Shoot

Photographer Johan Wilke, Fashion Editor Giselle Hon, Make-up Artist Lara Whitehead, Hair Stylist Merle Titus and Ice Art collaborated to produce some excellent imagery for the May issue of Rooi Rose. All the images were taken inside the freezer at subzero temperatures and the Model bravely posed amongst the icicles and ice blocks to achieve some spine chilling results.

 Ice sets were arranged within the freezer to suit the various shots required, and certain elements such as the icicles ice sculpture were pre-carved and brought into position for the specific scene.

Icicles are a feat of nature and proved tricky to carve, being so fragile and prone to breaking. In the end the crew at Ice Art used a technique involving a blow torch and the slow trickling of water over the ice to create the icicle effect in the images. Mother Nature is certainly the master of ice sculptures…

Working in the freezer gives the benefit of the subzero temperature, so the ice does not melt which allows more creativity without the stress of any of the set disappearing. In this way intricate sets of ice sculptures can be laid out and arranged, and re-arranged…and re-arranged… if required!

Icicles Ice sculpture  Ice sculpture model Ice Sculpture Model Ice Sculpture Model




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