Ice Vawter… Nationwide…

Ice Vawter… Nationwide…

Issued by: Ice Art

Ice Art was commissioned by agency Bester Burke, on behalf of Distell, to carve a series of Ice Chests for Vawter alcoholic Spring Water.
Each chest had the Vawter Crest engraved by hand onto all four sides. The chests were then delivered all on the same day to the Ladies Night promotions at Nu Metro cinemas nationwide on Thursday the 12th February 2009.

Ice Chest with Vawter Crest
Ice Chest with Vawter Crest

“Very often, clean smooth lines and a simple bold design works very well with clear ice sculptures,” says James Cussen, Director of Ice Art. “Too often people feel compelled to over-complicate the design and the end-result can appear cluttered, but in the case of the Vawter Ice Chests the simplicity of the design was such an effective factor.”

Each Vawter chest held 24 bottles. It creates a strong visual focal piece around the brand, it serves a functional role of storing and chilling the product, and the ice carving also acts as a product display and branding tool.

“A total of 36 Vawter crests were snowfill-engraved, by hand, onto the sides of the chest – and with each crest taking around 20 minutes, it was a total of 12 hours spent on the snow engravings alone once the chest had been carved and shaped.”

The promotion was held on the same day at Nu Metro cinemas nationwide. All the ice sculptures had to be in place by 6:30pm for guest arrival at 7pm. Coordinating tight delivery schedules is something that Ice Art has to contend with on a regular basis and has crew in place to handle the demands: “Due to the traffic in and around the cities at this crucial delivery time, we had to make use of a number of crews on the ground, particularly for Johannesburg and Pretoria where the traffic is a huge obstacle when time is so tight,” says James. “At the end of the day the client was very satisfied with our professional approach to the multi-city delivery and has thanked us personally.”


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