Ice Sculptures – A green industry for sure

I received the following information from Aaron Costic at Elegant Ice Creations in the US and it was of environmental interest, and also an interesting read.


Don Chappelle, an ice carver from the Northeast of the US recently brought up a good point.  He said our businesses and planet can benefit from being greener.  This is posted on his website-


Brilliant Ice Sculpture – a Green Company.

At the end of the night when the party is over our sculptures will end up watering trees, vegetable gardens or flower beds as opposed to filling up dumpsters then landfills.


Ice sculptures are cutting edge yet sustainable products that help minimize the impact of waste created by the hospitality industry for event planning.


We deliver 95 percent of our sculptures with low-emission vehicles.


We reuse or recycle our plastic drip trays, lights and foam when used.


Our plant is heated by our freezer condensers only.


We recycle remaining ice from ice sculpture production to chill the water for the next batch of ice blocks, an energy savings of 25% per block.


Ice Sculpture creates very little waste materials other than organic earth-healthy waste; minimal plastic is used in the making of ice blocks which is reused several times for packing materials.


We use only natural ingredients, we do not use chemicals of any kind in the process of creating these amazing sculptures.


Only organic cleaning products are use in the cleaning of our facility.


Don has reported that this has boosted sales to those interested specifically in Green products.


Mike Kowalski mentioned recently that we should be using a soy based lubricant instead of WD-40 or a lithium spray.  He is right, our product is either displayed right next to or touching food products.  We should be using an organic lubricant.



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