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Welcome to the Sub-Zero, Polar World of Ice Art South Africa… We specialize in high quality, hand carved ice sculptures, ice bars, ice product replicas, ice lounges, large scale ice installations for events and launches, LIVE carvings on site with chisels and chainsaws, elements frozen in ice, logo ice sculptures, backdrops and scenery for film shoots, ice serving stations for buffets and banquets, shooter luges, ice sculpture fountains, ice curtains…. From the larger than life size ice sculpture replicas and ice bars through to petite individual table centrepieces… You name it, we can create it in ice…ice ice baby….

We use only crystal clear carving grade ice for our ice sculptures. It takes 4 days to produce one 150kg clear block of ice and at Ice Art we manufacture close to 15 tons of ice per month to service our clients. The ice sculptures and ice carvings are all carved by hand with an array of ice tools, from Chisels and chainsaws to angle grinders and ice irons.

Ice sculptures can either be stand alone artworks or brand focal pieces, or they can be interactive such as drinks fountains and ice serving stations. Ice sculptures that encourage guest participation are excellent and ice sculptures performed live on location are an outstanding crowd pleaser for young and old.

Ice sculptures, with their vast variety of themes and applications serve as a focal point to bolster any events creative platform. Press or Media releases, product launches or promotions, branding activations, vehicle launches, national promotional road-shows, corporate, wedding, stag parties, hen parties, 21st’s … you name it, the list goes on!

At Ice Art we strive to break new boundaries in the ice sculpture field and welcome new conceptual challenges and ideas. With our years of experience we will be able to advice and assist in the creative process to guide you towards fantastic ice elements to suit your requirements.

Castle light 3m ice bars
Castle light 3m ice bars

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