Ice carvings – large and live!

Ice carvings – large and live!

Issued by: Ice Art

Ice Art has been receiving a wave of requests in the last six months particularly to undertake their ice sculptures live and on site for the guests. Whether the venue has been the CTICC, Atlas Studios, Brandhouse HQ, on the beach or on a boat out at sea…!
The occasion and location has been handled in style. These live ice carvings have been extremely well received by clients and their guests, with many of the guests having an opportunity to try their hand at the art of ice carving under the guidance of one of Ice Art’s experienced sculptors.

The subjects requested for the live ice sculpture session have been of a great variety. From camels and eagles, through to ice logos and trophy replicas and castles.. An hour’s worth of great entertainment with chisels and chainsaws, and then the finished ice sculpture remains on view for the rest of the evening.


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