What Type of Ice Sculptures are there?

If one has to have a look at our services page you would get a brief overview as to the basic techniques that we use to develop sculptures. The first step for us in determining the technique to be used for your sculpture would be to establish the need for the sculpture and from there move into the design phase.

In terms of trying to classify and exact type, there is really no answer to that and yes there are limitations but if you can think it we can probably carve it.

What Type of Ice Luges are there?

Ice Luges come in 2 traditional formats, the one format is designed for the outgoing type of event where people focus more on shooter service and serving shots. This design requires the person to engage with the sculpture directly by putting their mouth on the ice to receive the shot.

The second format is a little more elegant if you could say that and it focuses on glass service. So its design allows a person to serve a drink through the sculpture via a funneling system that is run through the ice from the top towards a designated exit based on the design of the piece into the glass.

How heavy is the ice?

Depending on the size of the piece that we land up carving you the starting point would be an average of 80kgs. This is the rough weight of a single block ice sculpture. Naturally, as ice gets added the weight increases.

How do we display our sculptures?

Depending on your need all sculptures are set up in two ways.

The first is the full-service solution which has a dedicated lightbox solution with LED lighting, this includes the set-up team on site for start of the build as well as the breakdown the following morning. (Please note that same night breakdown will be charged an additional fee)

The second option is the drop off service only that offers you a setup solution and you can break it down yourself, this is done with disposable trays and basic support systems such as a touch LED light and instruction manual. Naturally, this setup comes at a discounted rate and is great for private events.

How long does a sculpture last?

Our ice is unique! It is created in a slow freeze process that allows us to extract oxygen and compress the molecules allowing the ice to bind and create a much harder product. Our general sculpture could last anywhere between 8 to 12 hours depending on the environment.

Please note that this is based on the space that is allocated to the set up of the piece. We have complete control over our product and the set up thereof however when it comes to the environment and mother nature that is something that we can’t control.

The ideal set up for a sculpture will be in a controlled environment that has shade and is protected from the elements. Our biggest challenge in outdoor setups is the wind as it eats ice much faster than heat, so we always request that clients allocate a space that is well suited to the setup needs however we are on site for the set up and will assist always to ensure that the product is presented and set up in the best space available.

What are the costs of sculptures?

We have 4 general packages based on inquiries, these are standardized and includes general set up and breakdown procedures. Any piece that requires more than 4 blocks of ice based on the design and concept will be costed individually based on your needs.

For the 4 basic packages please refer to our homepage for information, if you are looking for something larger please contact us and we will gladly assist you directly.

Which cities do you serve?

As a company the head office is based in Cape Town, however, we have set up teams located in Johannesburg and in Durban.

These markets cater for our general packages in terms of size promoted on our landing page and if there is a specific need that requires a specialist set up such as an Ice Bar or life-size device then we would need to facilitate a team from Cape Town to the event and manage the installation prior, during and after the activation.

These costs are calculated once we have established the need based on ice and will be added to the overall cost of the sculpture.


Payment – Ice Art will provide the ice sculpture(s) outlined in the invoice for the described event(s). Clients that have been accepted into our “trusted vendor program” are set on a structured payment term of 30 days from invoice.

For all other clients, a deposit of 50% is required inorder to book a carving, this will need to be paid upon actual booking of a piece through the online booking process. The remainder will be due the day before the event.
Please understand that invoices not paid on time and not discussed with us in terms of payment arrangfment would be held back and we reserve the right not to deliver the piece. If payments are still delayed we reserve the right to add on 10% interest that will be compounded on a monthly basis.

Fees – The delivery is included for a minimum order of one block within a 50km basis of all central business districts within key regions of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

Orders that are outside of our normal driving radius will be subject to a (charged one way) delivery fee to cover the extra travel expense.

Design rendering is offered at no cost to booked events. Any artwork that needs to be designed that does not lead to a confirmed booking will be charged at R350 ex vat per hour at a minimum of 1 hour. If the job is confirmed we will then eliminate this charge.

Liability – Our C.O.I. is available upon request. Client shall provide Ice Art with a level, stable and safe surface to present the display. Ice Art will not be held responsible for faulty sculpture support (tables, bars, stands, etc.) or the result of guests bumping into the display during the event. Sculpture(s) should be in place at least 30 minutes prior to event start time. Ice Art will not be held responsible for any occureance directly related to neglegance including the moving of a sculpture once set up or any direct activity that results in damage to property or an individual.

For live demos and festivals and public activations, Ice Art reserves the right to strike sculptures at any time we feel public safety becomes questionable due to inclement weather or any other circumstance leading to the loss of the displays’ structural integrity.

Cancellations – We understand that circumstances may arise where cancellation may be necessary; including but not limited to inclement weather, sickness and logistical issues, date changes etc. If you do have to cancel your event or move the date, Ice Art will do its best to accommodate the delivery of your sculpture. Please understand that in some cases we may be booked up for a future date. In some special scenarios Ice Art may accept a R2500 ex vat per block cancellation fee rather than the invoice total amount; but only at Ice Lab’s Discretion.


We aim for 100% customer satisfaction so if you have a question or concern, we are here for you at any time.