Amarula | #DontLetThemDisappear



Client: Distell

Request: How can we use ice to promote the new campaigns hashtag #DontLetThemDisappear?

This was one of the more meaningful experiences that we have had the opportunity to be part for some time. Being a local company in South Africa, African wildlife and its preservation is close to our hearts and we were privileged to be given the opportunity to be a key part of the communication around the campaign.

Question was how do we tie ice into the campaign? In order to promote both the beauty of the African Elephant and the great threat that the species is facing. The answer was to carve scaled replica of an African elephant that weighed in at 3.5 tons and to set it up in the day so that it could slowly melt away.

The beauty was covered, this large piece was carved to perfection, the message of disappearance was also covered as it started melting. With a global effort this campaign was duplicated in 4 countries around the world to raise awareness and based on the success of the campaign and its messaging we are proud to have been part of it.

Below is quick video of the build please watch and share on.



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