A White White Wedding – and Ice Sculptures of course….

Start planning your Weddings for next season with Crystal Clear ice sculptures:

A white wedding with ice sculptures… The huge scope available to the event planner and soon-to-be-bride with the ice medium is, of great appeal when planning ice sculptures for a wedding. From table centrepieces, to ice serving stations, ice chilling aparatus for the champagne, Ice Wine Racks, Ice Vases, ice bowls for desert, Oyster Terraces etc…. all fit in so perfectly with the shimmering white wedding occasion that they were essentially born to co-exist together on the special day… Check out more images on our Ice sculpture Gallery pages.

In South Africa many people have never been able to consider ice sculptures as a décor element for their event and special day, but now Ice Art has that base covered, coupled with an extremely high level of skill and professional service to further enhance the pleasure of such an ice sculpture or ice installations on the day…

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The more traditional classic ice sculpture pieces like Swans, Harps and cherubs may still be common…but that trend is fast changing as people come to realise there is a far greater scope for exciting and dynamic wedding concepts in the ice carving field. Ice sculptures that double up as drinks fountains or vodka luges are also popular for entertainment at the reception, and a Live Ice Carving is the perfect way to entertain guests while the bridal party is off having the pictures taken – this is an excellent way to fill that gap.

At Ice Art, we can supply interactive themed Carvings, LIVE Carvings, elements frozen in the ice and ice baths for the drinks / Champagne Buckets to the wedding or reception. We can enhance traditional décor such as flowers, individual miniature themed ice table centerpieces and display items with a huge variety of options and even supply full Ice Bars, archways or an entire winter wonderland.

Ice sculptures will last for more than 8 hours, looking good, if kept out of the sun and direct wind

The Ice looks absolutely fantastic and really makes the wedding unforgettable. I hope this gives you some food for thought, and I look forward to hearing from you, please feel free to browse our website further at www.iceart.co.za


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